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Author & Publicist Frans Meulenberg

De Woordenwinkel

With a random interactive grid!


Books overview on mobile device.

For the always friendly and creatively stimulating author and publicist Frans Meulenberg, Waldbach designed a website to showcase his books and other works. 

Not the first time, however, as here’s a little fun fact: Frans met me when I worked as a photographer and I was sent to him to shoot a portrait for a newspaper. It wasn’t only the camera that clicked! We got along very well and soon after my career switch, from photographer to designer, he was my very first client in the year 2000.

Back to the current website. It features an interactive grid on the homepage that appears in random order any time you load the page. It requiured some challenging coding in Javascript, but Waldbach is always up for a nice challenge, it’s what makes this work interesting!