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Madeleine Milburn

Super technical stuff, yet I made it work & look nice!


Company logo. Not designed by Waldbach. It’s nice though!


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Madeleine started the Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV and Film Agency in 2012 from a basement flat in North London. Since then, the agency has built their authors’ careers so successfully that its headquarters are now in Mayfair. The agency represents Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling authors including Fiona Barton, Gail Honeyman, C.L. Taylor and Holly Bourne.

Harry Sutherland-Hawes hired me to visually repair the website that had fallen apart over time. Let me explain.

WordPress allows you to create any website (or web app), however, sometimes you need to implement data fields that are not out-of-the-box. The Madeleine Milburn website required a lot of data options, making the website management rather complex, but more so, the front-end, the part visitors see, was losing coherency. 

Waldbach has restructured the management of custom data on the back-end, where the website’s content is managed. The biggest challenge was redesigning and optimizing the front-end according to design requirements from the client. This turned out to be more challenging than it seemed at first: many layout requirements were not possible to design with standard CSS code. This resulted in structuring the front-end with the help of Javascript and jQuery, to maintain a visual consistency across all common devices, and allowed Madeleine Milburn to not worry about title length, image size, etc. as to avoid the layout to fall apart. 

Madeleine Milburn now has great creative freedom to add, adjust, and customize their content as they see fit, with a durable, robust, and manageable system for online presence, solving their problems and does so in a way that is pleasing to the visitor’s eye.