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Everyday Earth / Agirrr

Everyday Earth came to life in 2018, thanks to the brilliant minds of Bela Hatvany and Wim Kiezenberg. Bela, a seasoned software engineer, and Wim, a marketing savant and design maestro, joined forces with a common goal – to make our Mother Earth healthier and more harmonious. Everyday Earth is not just a platform, it’s a place where conversations come to life. They’re passionate about discussing important topics like waste pollution and social inequality because they believe in creating change together. 

To create a better future, everyone felt motivated to turn their words into actions. The beautiful streets of Nice witnessed a sweeping change as people started a new trend called “plogging” – a combination of jogging and cleaning up litter. And this was just the beginning. Everyday Earth embraced the spirit of kindness with concepts like “pay-it-forward”, bringing relief to those in need, including the homeless. Additionally, Everyday Earth birthed a local currency, with the aim of injecting new life into the local economy.

The kind and generous actions of the Everyday Earth participants spread far and wide. They caught the attention of Christian Estrosi, the respected Mayor of Nice, and his accomplished spouse, Laura Tenoudji. Laura is a renowned news correspondent at France 2, a French public broadcast station. Together, they decided to join a fun Plogging event in the center of Nice on World Cleanup Day, a global celebration.

Everyday Earth’s carefully planned events caught the attention of both local and national press in France. Their remarkable efforts were even acknowledged with a formal commendation from the national Assemblée Générale.

In 2022, Everyday Earth went through a major transformation and emerged as Agirrr, a fresh and exciting new version. Leading this incredible change was none other than the brilliant Thierry Lebrun. With his innovative ideas, Lebrun guided the organization to promote local plogging activities in various towns along the beautiful Cote d’Azur and even beyond. Agirrr’s plogging events have transformed the landscapes in various municipalities like Nice, Cagnes, Cannes, and Lyon.

The vibrant imagery above showcases a selection of the distinguishing elements of Everyday Earth’s and Agirrr’s comprehensive visual identity system. Sculpted from whimsical typographic playfulness, underlined by a potent geometric essence, and dressed in colors too commanding to be overlooked, these elements imbue a striking visual language.

The domain hosted community-building resources, conversations, video interviews and more. Created in close collaboration with Mathieu Peroni.

In the realm of creativity and visionary leadership, Diane Van den Berge’s intellectual prowess sparked life into Agirrr’s innovative project, Forêts d’Abondance. This initiative, as profound as it is inventive, seeks to sow the seeds of change on the verdant undulations encircling the picturesque hamlet of St. Paul de Vence. Its mission? To embolden the proliferation of trees and invigorate the vibrant weave of biological diversity. To bring this conception to life, Studio Waldbach deftly etched a logo, a symbol imbued with themes of positivity, plenitude, and multiplicity, mirroring the initiative’s core values.

A highly sophisticated laser-cutting machine gracefully dances upon the creation stage, bringing to life the tokens of prosperity for the Everyday Earth’s collective. These emblems, baptized as Carency, would soon become the beating heart of their communal exchange.

Enrobed in the fabric of an Everyday Earth tee, Barbara journeys through the scenic vistas en route to the much-anticipated summit of Care Economy in Caux, Switzerland.

The presence of Agirrr, once known as Everyday Earth, radiates from the luminous glow of media spotlights to the adrenaline-pumped arenas of sponsored sports teams while subtly whispering their brand story through the bustling veins of urban streets.


In the big, beautiful play of life, the team at Agirrr, earlier known as Everyday Earth, creates a harmony of unity for a special reason. They’re all about building a world where we all live in peace, giving back to Mother Nature and our communities. Agirrr adds color to our world with a diverse and ageless touch, saluting the beautiful blend of cultures and eras.


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