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Lockerbie Revisited

Design and animation for documentary Lockerbie Revisited.
Studio Waldbach expertly captured the essence of the story, effectively conveying the emotional depth and intensity of the subject matter. Our meticulous attention to detail and aligning to the story’s gravitas elevated the documentary’s visual impact, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and contributing to its award-winning success.

Gideon Levy’s acclaimed investigative documentary film, Lockerbie Revisited, delves into the infamous bombing of Flight 103 over Scotland. The film received widespread recognition and accolades, including winning the prestigious Prix Europa in Berlin in 2009. Additionally, it was honored as the ‘Gold World Winner’ at the New York Festival in 2011, further solidifying its impact. The documentary also garnered a nomination at Canada’s Banff World Media Festival in 2010 for the esteemed ‘Rockie Award for Investigative Journalism & Current Affairs’. Furthermore, Lockerbie Revisited was screened before the Scottish Parliament, highlighting its significance and relevance.

Studio Waldbach designed all promotional materials, including poster, official press release, and more. With consistent typographical treatment and emphasis on the documentary’s gravitas and the importance and credibility of the investigative journalistic effort.

Our studio was also responsible for designing and animating the opening title sequence.

Additionally, we designed the website of Levy Productions, featuring many of Gideon Levy’s programmes.


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