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Visual Identity Design

It’s more than designing a logo. Unique qualities of an entity need a refined representation across all visual expressions. Every brand touchpoint needs to reflect these qualities in order to gain trust and loyalty from the right audience. On a less serious note: A good logo makes you look sharp & sexy!

Website design & dev.

A website may be one of the most prominent brand touchpoints. It may well be the first visual contact a visitor has with a brand. It should therefore reflect an identity as effective as possible, be it on a large screen or within the confinements of a phone screen. And Waldbach will try to make it as attractive for Big Brother Google as possible!

Design For Print

Waldbach designs for any printed media, big or small. From flyer to postcard, from poster to trade event booth. Except maybe encyclopaedias, for obvious reasons!

Media for Social Channels

Waldbach can provide social media campaigns with compelling, clickworthy images and short videos or animations. To make you shine on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, MySpace… oh wait… well, you get it!

And so on…

There’s a lot Waldbach can do. Also 3D modeling, animation and rendering, video editing and, uhm… just ask!

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