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In these times of crisis, everyone needs to take precautions. So does Waldbach. To assist those businesses hurt by the coronavirus crisis it is important to mind the financials. Waldbach offers to lower the hourly rate from €45 to €30 (excl. VAT, where applicable). This offer is valid for any new projects with a cost below €1000, starting March 16, 2020, and valid until at least April 6, 2020. Any project that has no hourly rate calculations will be reduced by the same percentage. Any external costs such as printing or hosting will not be covered by this measure and those prices will remain the same, under the conditions offered by these 3rd parties. Please note that Waldbach is available to clients in any location, offering remote working and videochat via Zoom, Messenger, Skype or Whatsapp!

This offer is valid to any client, provided under the following conditions:

  • if any down payment is necessary this has to be done within 5 work days from start of the project.
  • final payment also need to be completed within 5 work days after delivery and approval of the project.

Note that even the smallest projects (min. half hour) will be reduced, ideal for small jobs like social media images, implementation of announcements on a website and so forth.

You can contact Waldbach via or by phone, message or Whatsapp: +31 (0)6 81377157. 

Some words about Waldbach

My name is Janne Wolterbeek (M, 1976) based out of Middelburg, The Netherlands. I have a passion for design, art and emerging technologies for a sustainable future. I enjoy discovering new technologies, techniques and strategies to improve on serving stakeholders.

After a brief career in photography in the 1990s, I started my design career in the year 2000. My first gigs were web design-related. Over the years I specialized in visual identity design, graphic design, and even 3D and animation. I have worked at agencies working for Fortune500 brands as well as interesting smaller companies, entrepreneurs and artists. It is a real passion, so I keep learning and I am known to be able to work in different design disciplines.There’s a great advantage to my broad set of skills in that I can apply a design across different expressions and applications. Looking forward to working with you!

You can reach me at: or +31 6 81377157 (*also Whatsapp)

Informatie in het Nederlands

Waldbach is Janne Wolterbeek (M, 1976) uit Middelburg. Design is mijn passie, evenals nieuwe technieken en technologie. Na enkele korte opleidingen in fotografie, kunst en ontwerp ben ik medio jaren ’90 gaan werken als fotograaf. Maar ik wilde meer en zo startte ik in het jaar 2000 mijn bedrijf in grafisch ontwerp en web development. Ik heb met tussenpozen gewerkt bij verscheidene ontwerp- en reclamestudio’s. Zo heb ik ervaring met werken voor grote internationale merken alsmede kleine ondernemingen en ZZP’ers.

Ik lever diensten zoals grafisch ontwerp, website ontwerp en ontwikkeling, huisstijl ontwerp, 3D ontwerp, animatie en video montage.

Ik werk met veel plezier op afstand, maar ook op locatie wanneer dat wenselijk is.

Je kan contact met mij opnemen via of 06 81377157 (ook Whatsapp!).


There's a lot!

Visual Identity Design

It’s more than designing a logo. Unique qualities of an entity need a refined representation across all visual expressions. Every brand touchpoint needs to reflect these qualities in order to gain trust and loyalty from the right audience. On a less serious note: A good logo makes you sexy!

Website design & development

A website may be one of the most prominent brand touchpoints. It may well be the first visual contact a visitor has with a brand. It should therefore reflect an identity as effective as possible, be it on a large screen or within the confinements of a phone screen. And Waldbach will try to make it as attractive for Big Brother Google as possible!

Design For Print

Waldbach designs for any printed media, big or small. From flyer to postcard, from poster to trade event booth. Except maybe encyclopaedias, for obvious reasons!

Media for Social Channels

Waldbach can provide social media campaigns with compelling, clickworthy images and short videos or animations. To make you shine on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, MySpace, Friendster… oh wait… well, you get it!

And so on…

There’s a lot Waldbach can do. Also 3D modeling, animation and rendering, video editing and, uhm… just ask!


Selection of visual identities


In random order on page load. Client work & free work.