Creative thinking and a developed sense of communication design make me a perfect partner for realizing ambitious business objectives. Currently, I am in the process of redesigning this website. My name is Janne Wolterbeek, a Dutch designer with a global mindset.

No more unexpected bills.

Say Yes!

to one invoice & a ton of value

This service will become available starting June 1st, 2019.

Remember not being able to find your logo in .eps format? And did you ever worry about the costs for that one social media image? Well, that is history. Subscription-based design is here. No more unforeseen costs. No more stress. Choose your budget and off you go. Unlimited* resources and service. Access your design assets anywhere, anytime.

High tech, high touch. Fingerlicking good design. At a fixed price. No hourly rates, nothing unexpected. And yes, we take matters personally. To understand you and what drives you, we keep in touch. Any day of the week. Via real life coffee-time, video calls, emails or messages. Or all of it? If you want? The thing is, YOU pick and choose.

Your social media campaign will thrive like never before. Your website always up-to-date. Need a brochure? Waldbach will design it, at no extra cost. It’s all in your subscription. And so much more. Look at the price tables below and see what we mean with “a ton of value”. See you soon?

Let’s talk about your ambitions and problems that need solutions; feel free to contact me, I will always respond as soon as possible.