Design & Development

ABOUT ME & Work Experience.

My name is Janne Wolterbeek (M, 1976) based out of The Netherlands and spending my time in the south of France as well. I have a passion for design, art, space exploration and emerging technologies for a sustainable future. I enjoy discovering new technologies & techniques to improve my abilities and I admit I invest quite a lot of my money in fonts and online services to be able to better deliver in a timely and budget-friendly manner, without compromising on quality, au contraire!

After a brief career in photography in the 1990s, I started my design career in the year 2000. My first gigs were web design-related. Over the years I specialized in visual identity design, graphic design, and even 3D and animation. I have worked at agencies working for Fortune500 brands as well as interesting smaller companies and entrepreneurs and artists. It is a real passion, so I keep learning and I am known to be able to work in different design disciplines.There’s a great advantage to my broad set of skills in that I can apply a design across different expressions and applications. Looking forward to working with you!


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