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In the year 2021, the brilliant Marcel Versteeg brought his visionary ideas to life and created JGM Capital – a remarkable investment firm that is completely devoted to the world of real estate developments.

At the heart of their mission lies an unwavering determination to achieve sustainability goals. They do this by investing in the strategic design, construction, and long-lasting lifespan of real estate projects. Their level of creativity and expertise knows no bounds, as they excel in meeting the sophisticated demands of the luxury tourism industry on a global scale.

With passion and an enthusiastic approach, JGM Capital is reshaping the landscape of real estate and leaving an indelible mark on the world.

JGM’s wordmark font’s quirky characteristics are a direct reference to the Grotesques of late 19th and early 20th century, a gentle nod to JGM’s stately first office building in Amsterdam Zuid, a stone’s throw away from the famed Museumplein.

JGM Capital’s primary hue of their visual persona, the profound black, embodies their reputable and rigorously solid approach towards investment strategies. This ingenious blend of opulence and refinement, subtly hints at the luxury and sophistication that form the cornerstone of JGM Capital’s corporate personality.

Hot foil stamped business cards. CO2 neutral production by Drukkerij De Bij, Amsterdam.

500 gsm Fuego Stone Coal Black paper stock. Black, white & copper foil stamping. No inks used.

Emblematic of JGM Capital, the logo artistry encompasses a radiant sun exhibiting 33 unique beams – an idiosyncratic detail per client’s request. This sun cradles a classic pyramid, an epitome of sustainability and durability, illustrating the profound essence of JGM’s wisely chosen investment avenues.

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